Justice Without Delays is an initiative which aims to increase efficiency of court proceedings in Albania. Judges and supporting staff, with guidance from international and local partners, analyse root causes for delays in their court and commit for an improved planning and administration of cases by strengthening co-operation with trial participants, including state institutions. The implementation of the Initiative requires the application of active case management techniques and is supported by the High Council of Justice and Ministry of Justice. 

This Project was initiated and funded by two international organisations, USAID/JuST Project and OSCE Presence in Albania in 2013. After several studies on the efficiency of court hearings and usage of courtrooms, the two organisations realised that through practical measures, and without legislative amendments, courts can improve the productivity of hearings by cutting down on unnecessary delays. This approach was implemented successfully in the pilot courts of Kruja and Korça and later in the courts of Puka and Tropoja. The High Council of Justice and Ministry of Justice have strongly supported the initiative since its inception. 

The continuing support and tireless efforts of the High Council of Justice and the Ministry of Justice have been fundamental to the success of the initiative and the OSCE Presence in Albania and USAID are very grateful for this.

Between 2016 and 2019, Justice without Delays will be implemented in all the district courts of Albania by OSCE Presence in Albania and USAID Justice For All Project. This second phase of the project is funded by the Austrian Development Agency and USAID Justice for All.

In a third phase, funded by USAID Justice for All, and implemented by USAID Justice for All together with the OSCE Presence in Albania, the project will be extended to all administrative courts, in the Serious Crimes Court and all appellate courts of general jurisdiction.

The OSCE Presence in Albania would like to express its sincere gratitude to David LaFlamme, former Senior Legal Officer at the Presence, for his enthusiasm for Justice without Delays and his initiative and hard work in proposing and designing this website.






Having worked with judges and support staff as they came together to craft common-sense solutions to reduce unnecessary court delay, two things stand out. First is the immediate success that can be achieved if everyone works together toward the common goal of better courts. Improvements were dramatic in all four courts launching “Justice without Delays” initiatives. Second, is the eagerness among the judges to share their practical experiences with their judicial colleagues. Court leaders have shown a real enthusiasm in helping each other improve services within their respective communities. This is a positive development in building trust in the judiciary.


John A. Carver
Chief of Party USAID/JuST Programme (2010-2015)


The Presence’s experience with Justice Without Delay’s initiative in four district courts showed that legislative changes is only one part of the play to improve justice efficiency. Taking matters into ones hand, by using common-sense and practical measures to plan hearings properly, making sure that parties come prepared in a courtrooms and avoid unnecessary delays, have proven to work at their best. Personally, I felt honoured to work closely with judges and court staff of Kruja, Korça, Puka and Tropoja and witness their serious engagement to shorter proceedings, thus in turn help increase the trust of citizens towards their courts. 


Fiorentina Azizi
Head of Rule of Law and Human Rights Department (2011-2015)
OSCE Presence in Albania




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