Start of the Implementation Period: October 2017

Action Plan and Brochure of the Court

End of Implementation Period: April 2018

First results:

Civil cases

During the period under consideration at the Fier District Court, civil cases last for an average of 65.5 days and 3.5 hearings. Compared with the initial study results, the average duration per case has improved by 34.5 days, precisely from 100 days to 65.5 days per case, while the duration of cases in number of hearings has decreased from 4.4 to 3.5 hearings. With regard to the productivity of hearings, the percentage of non-productive hearings in civil cases dropped from 27% in the initial study to 23% in the post-implementation study.

Criminal cases

Criminal cases adjudicated with the previous procedures, analyzed in the initial study, lasted on average 89 days and 5.3 hearings. Criminal cases, reviewed with the new amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code last for an average of 4.6 sessions. As for the productivity of hearings, 65% of the criminal cases reviewed in the previous procedure, analyzed in the initial study, were evaluated as productive. Data from criminal cases adjudicated with the new procedures show that 84% of the hearings are productive.


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