Start of the Implementation Period: February 2018

Action Plan and Brochure of the Court

End of Implementation Period: July 2018

First results:

Civil cases

During the period under consideration at the Vlora Judicial District, civil cases last for an average of 48 days and 2.3 court hearings. Compared with the results of the initial study, the length of cases in the number of hearings decreased from 3.7 to 2.3 sessions. The most noticeable reduction is observed in the average duration of day, from 82.1 to 48 days. Also, the percentage of unproductive hearings in civil cases dropped from 24% in the initial study to 19% in post-graduate study.

Criminal cases

Criminal cases adjudicated under the previous procedure, analyzed in the initial study, lasted an average of 4 sessions. Criminal cases, adjudicated with the new amendments to the CPC, last an average of 3.1 sessions. Regarding the productivity of hearings, in the initial study, 70% of criminal cases adjudicated under the previous criminal procedure rules were evaluated as productive. Records from criminal cases resolved under the new procedure show that 85% of hearings are productive.


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